First of all, Indochina Waterproofing Joint Stock Company would like to express our sincere thanks for your interest and trust in the system of waterproofing, finishing and protecting concrete that Indochina Group has been Distributed, acting as the exclusive representative in the three countries Vietnam - Laos - Cambodia during the past 21 years.

           We are expanding now SERVICE AND DISTRIBUTION CENTER OF TECMA PRODUCTS IN VIETNAM (TSC VIETNAM) As the sole representative of SATECMA Group. S.A., (Spain) in Vietnam. Pleased to introduce crystalline coating protection technology for the facade:


Satecma. S.A., Founded in 1976, it has been a leader in innovation, technology innovation, environmental care, long lasting search in Spain, and has grown to over 40 countries. In the world of concrete protection technology, building chemicals ... and leading the world in silicate mineral coating technology. At present, Vietnam is the 44th country to distribute silicate silicates. present


In a market dominated by modern synthetic paints, most of their technology is based on oil or synthetic resins, Tecma Silicatos crystalline coatings create new standards of conservation properties. To protect and perfect the substrate, the silicate mineral layer connects to the substrate and becomes one with them but still allows the substrate to be breathable, the ability to evacuate water is very high, the finish surface looks very natural. Products not harmful to the environment, should be applied to both interior and exterior, the sustainability of 10-15 years.


With the spirit of integration and development in a potential paint market in Vietnam and the desire for people to inherit a technology of advanced quality and global value, TSC Viet Nam It is our pleasure to introduce to you the protective coating of crystalline products for the façade TECMA SILICTOS CRYSTALIZED COATINGS present.


Indochina Waterproofing JSC - TSC Vietnam We look forward to receiving your interest and comments so that we can further improve and increase our efforts in our service activities.


Best regards.

                                                                                 DUONG DUONG WATERPROOFING JSC

                                                                                                   TSC VIET NAM