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Hydraulic Waterproofing cementitious mortar


Hydraulic waterproofing cementitious mortar, that prevents and eliminates damp both above and below ground level. INCONDRY® completely seals the surfaces it is applied to, and prevents water filtration under both negative and positive pressure conditions. Its ease of application makes INCONDRY® the best and the most economic waterproofing system on the market.

Due to its special formula, INCONDRY® does not alter the water vapour transmission properties of the surfaces it is applied to, which means they can continue to breathe naturally.


INCONDRY® is recommended for the treatment and prevention of damp. It provides unbeatable waterproof protection on: concrete, cement rendering, cement mortar, concrete blocks, plastered brick, stonework etc.
It proves highly efficient when waterproofing:

-  Interior and exterior basement walls, air chambers, facades.
-  Lift shafts.
-  Foundations and first-layer brickwork.
-  Tunnels and balconies.
-  Tanks and swimming pools.
-  Drinking-water cisterns.
-  Slab floor edges.
-  Pools, fountains and planter boxes.
-  Grain silos.
-  Dams.

INCONDRY®, due to its high resistance to outdoor conditions and its incomparable finish, can just be applied and left to dry - there is no need to paint over it. It achieves the aesthetic and decorative properties of other finishes.


Surfaces must be clean and free from any contaminants such as grease, oil, the remains of any concrete release agents, grout, dust, sand or an loose or badly-adhered particles etc. Any paint and the remains of any other waterproofing agents must be removed. Any efflorescences or mineral salts must be removed before applying INCONDRY®. Any damaged areas must be repaired beforehand, using INCONRAD MORTAR. If there are any leaks, seal them with INCONPLUG and then apply a coat of INCONRAD MORTAR grout before applying INCONDRY®

Before applying INCONDRY® on any surface, you must first moisten the surface with water.

Mix INCONDRY® with clean water in a suitable container, and knead it until you obtain a homogenous, pasty-fluid consistency. As a guideline, use some 6 to 7 litres of water for each bag of INCONDRY®. You should always make sure that this pasty mass is lump free and as homogenous as possible. It is recommended that you use a mechanical mixer to knead the mass.
Let the mixture sit for about 10 minutes, this will help it set better.


Follow these steps when applying the product:

1. Moisten the surface by spraying it with clean water.

2. Apply the mass of INCONDRY®and water using a special short-hair brush. Extend a first coat over the entire surface.

3. Let this coat dry for approximately 6-12 hours depending on the weather.

4. Moisten the coat that you have applied to let it set better, before you apply the second coat. Apply a second coat perpendicular to the first one, and cover the entire surface.

5. Every so often, moisten the coat that you have applied to ensure that it sets evenly.

When you want to reinforce or improve adherence to certain surfaces, mix INCONDRY® in a solution of water and INCONBOND in proportions of at least 1 part INCONBOND for every 3 parts of water. Before kneading it, dilute INCONBOND in water and then add this solution to INCONDRY®, stirring until you obtain a smooth mixture. One bag of INCONDRY® will need approximately 5 litres of water and 1.5 - 2 litres of INCONBOND.


-  Do not apply when the temperature falls below 5oC or if frost is expected in the next 24 hours. 

-  Do not apply on frozen or frostysurfaces.

-  Do not moisten the wall too much in low temperatures, without their reaching 5oC.

-  Do not apply to gypsum plaster, paint orlime. 

-  Let it cure for at least 7-14 days (depending on the temperature and the atmospheric humidity) before filling with water or painting.

-  In the case of tanks that are intended for drinking water, rinse with water several times before finally filling the tank.


As in any rigid mortar, do not apply this product to surfaces that are subject to strong movements. It is best to let some time go by so that the surface can settle and stabilise before applying INCONDRY®. This would normally be about 2 months.


To make sure the surface is correctly waterproofed, we recommend you use between 1.5 and 2 kg/m2. When water pressure conditions apply, for example swimming pools, cisterns etc., you should use between 3 and 4 kg/m2.

COLOURS: INCONDRY® is available in white and grey.


Marked as compliant with standard EN 1504-2 (system 2+) and with European construction products regulations.

INCONDRY® is deemed suitable for use in contact with drinking water according to the Migrations Report No. 07457 issued by the "Laboratorio Oficial Joaquín Riera Tuebols" (O.T.E.C.) (white colour).

The effectiveness of INCONDRY® as a cement-based waterproofing agent has been acknowledged by numerous organisms and institutions such as:

-  The EDUARDO TORROJA Institute of Construction Sciences, in DIT No. 262.

-  TELEFÓNICA ESPAÑA with approval No.367/22.

-  CEDEX, record No. 44.137.

-  NCE, test No. 460/84-M

-  The University of Oxford.

-  The Official Chinese Laboratory in Beijing (Report No. BC-2004-1251)

-  The Official Chinese Laboratoryin Shanghai (Report No. WA04-0046)


-  CERTIFICATION TECHNOLOGICAL CENTRE (APPLUS+) (Dossiers No. 3001991 and 4000080)

-  CIDEMCO (Reports No. 18052/1, 18052/4 and 18052/5).


Apparent density of the component in powder form

1.15 g/cm3

Granulometry (EN 12192-1)

0 – 0.6 mm

Pot life

Approx. 30 minutes

Temperature of application

from +5 to +30oC

Apparent density of the fresh mortar (EN 1015-6)

2000 kg/m3

Setting time (EN 13294)

Initial: 1-2 hours Final: 2-4 hours

Water vapour permeability (EN ISO 7783-1/-2) (Equivalent air barrier)

SD < 5 metres
Class I (EN 1504-2) Permeable to water vapour

Liquid water permeability (EN 1062-3)

< 0.1 kg/m2.h0.5
Water impermeability (EN 1504-2)

Determination of the depth of penetration of water under pressure (EN 12390-8:2001) (5 kg/cm2 – 72 hours)

0 mm
(Water does not penetrate)

Adherence on a concrete structure (EN 1542) (28 days)

2.00 MPa
(Product cohesive breakage)

Adherence on a ceramic structure (EN 1542) (28 days)

1.19 MPa
(Surface cohesive breakage)

Adherence on a concrete structure (EN 1542) (6 months)

3.84 MPa
(Product cohesive breakage)

Adherence on a ceramic structure (EN 1542) (6 months)

1.09 MPa
(Surface cohesive breakage)

Compression resistance (EN 12190)

> 35.0 MPa

Flexotensile strength (EN 196-1)

> 6.0 MPa

Reaction to fire (EN 1504-2)

Euroclass A1

Dangerous substances (EN 1504-2)

Complies with section 5.3 of standard EN 1504-2

Apt for use in contact with water destined for
human consumption (Report No. 07457 – O.T.E.C. Joaquin Riera Tuebol S.A.)

APT (white colour)


INCONDRY® comes in 25 kg net multiply paper bags. INCONDRY® must be kept sealed in the original bags. The estimated storage period, in the original bags, should not exceed 12 months.


INCONDRY® is a registered trade name and property of Industrias Químicas Satecma® S.A.


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